About Me

When I was five years old I asked my dad if he would teach me to play the piano like him. From there my love of music began. I picked up most of my musical theory from years of studying the piano until I became fed up with how regimented it was and at the age of ten I begged my dad to teach me to play guitar instead. He taught me how to play a few chords and by my second week of playing guitar I had worked out how to play the intro to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by ear. By this time I’d made a band with some friends at school and was writing songs and playing gigs as the lead vocalist and keyboard player while my guitar skills developed.

Eventually I left the band and begged my parents to buy me the most vital piece of musical equipment I’ve ever acquired: a Fostex 8-track recorder. This introduced me to the world of recording music. From here I begged my parents to buy me a drum kit and a bass guitar and by the time I was twelve-years-old I had commandeered the spare room, turning it into a makeshift recording studio.

I formed many bands throughout my teenage years, writing, recording and performing live. I scaled the ranks as a guitarist, songwriter and music producer and in April 2011 I joined the Finnish metal band, “Mors Principium Est” as lead guitarist and songwriter.

Alongside playing in the band I’d spent all of my free time composing and recording music for college films/documentaries, video games and even live theatre. In 2012 I was commissioned to create the soundtrack for the iOS game, “Sword Surfer”, followed by another score for the game, “Dude Man”.  By this point I had also grown a fairly substantial YouTube following and became a YouTube partner in 2013.

My main focus now is to continue to write music for video games, TV and film. However, I also tutor guitar and produce music for other bands and projects, alongside session work on a range of instruments.